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     Changsha Yagong Engineering Machinery Co., LTD is a professional research and development, production excavator front-end device supporting manufacturers. The company is located in changsha city changsha county huangxing town, Close to changsha high-speed rail station and ring highway, Traffic is very convenient.             
      For many years in the processing technology, equipment, talents, experience, and other aspects the advantages, independent research and development, production of Excavator standard boom, Long Reach boom, High Reach Demolition, Buket, Broken hammer, High frequency, hammer, hydraulic vibration hammer, Quick Hitch, scarifier and Grab wood machinery and other engineering machinery accessories, products sold at home and abroad, is one who has a good development prospect and strong comprehensive strength of enterprises.
     Yagong machinery always adhere to the "no best, only better" development purposes, to the quality kimono to survive. To promote excavator use muti_function change, continuous innovation to meet the demand of the market, to create the first brand among China, for the development of Chinese engineering machinery refueling!
    Facing the future, the company will, as always, adhering to the "pursuit of excellence, the heart good casting quality" of the enterprise core idea, keep pace with The Times, carry out brand operation strategy, shape the good performance-to-price ratio and the characteristics of efficient and fast service, with "honesty, pragmatic innovation, strengthen management, create new high" business philosophy, with a pragmatic attitude at home and abroad and sincere cooperation, hand in hand with into, create a win-win situation!