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Plus the long arm of related knowledge.

The excavator is large, miniaturization, versatile and special in the direction of the development of. Foreign excavator industry to adopt new technology, new technology,new structure and new materials, to speed up the standardization, seriation,universalization pace of development. Our country has formed series excavator production, in recent years has developed many new products, the introduction of foreign advanced high productivity of excavator type.

1, plus the long arm

Plus the long arm is a group member of excavator working device, in order to effectively work scope extended excavator and specific design of the long arm, calledplus the long arm of [1].

Classification of 2, plus the long arm of

According to its operation mode: the demolition of buildings, plus the long arm armpits, piling arm; according to section number: two sections with long arm, three section, four section extension arm arm; according to its performance to divide: fixedarm, sliding arm, telescopic plus long arm etc.;

3, plus the long arm of optional parameters.

The whole weight of 12 tons 20 tons 25 tons 30 tons 35 tons 40 tons 45 tons of armlength of 10 m 18 m 20 m 22 m 24 m 26 m 28 Mega arm weight 2.8 tons 4.8 tons 5.6 tons 6.6 tons 7.5 tons 8.5 tons 9.5 tons of bucket capacity of 0.25 0.4 0.45 0.5 0.6 0.7the 0.8 largest mining height 7 meters 15 meters 17 meters 19 meters 21 meters 23 meters 25 meters maximum digging radius 9 m 17 m 19 m 21 m 23 m 25 m 27 mmaximum digging depth 6 meters 14 meters 16 meters 18 meters 20 meters 22 meters24 meters 2.2 meters 3 meters transportation height 3.2 meters 3.2 meters 3.2 m 3.4 m 3.4 m note: the above parameters is for reference only, the specific parameters,please call the advisory!

The main configuration 4, plus the long arm of

In order to save users to replace the arm of the cost, we carefully analyze what the original car accessories can be used back to the original, what must be replaced,standard standard arm replaced when the arm is as follows: extension arm 1extension arm 1 sets of small bucket and 1 bucket cylinder the 1 connecting rod assembly 1 pin 6 4 high-pressure hoses hose fittings bag 1 butter 5 package remarks: the above is the default configuration, users can directly put forward specific requirements!

5, plus the long arm of the production process

Process of making arm is: computer design, stress plate, motion simulation, computergraphics, computer programming, CNC cutting, carbon dioxide welding, automatic sandblasting, painting and other processes to complete the automatic.

Equipment for the production of 6, plus the long arm of

Excavator arm is a large heavy industrial equipment, so need special equipment toensure product performance and quality, common to the equipment are as follows:CNC flame cutting machine, large groove milling machine, bending machine, largewelding positioner, automatic welding, welding, ambush large floor type boring and milling machine etc..