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Plus the long arm of knowledge point

The arms are generally made of Q345B steel, strength and rigidity of the shaft sleeve,are generally made of 45#+20# steel, embedded 40Cr bush, plus the lubricationgrease, will greatly reduce the shaft and the sleeve in the frequent rotation of theshear force, thereby increasing the service life of the shaft sleeve, the arms are box type structure, which is on the two cover plates and two pieces of wall plates, internalwelding on the buffer bar, and buffer the reinforcement must be provided with elliptical holes, so better to release the stress produced in the welding arm and work, avoid thearm. Damage.

Excavator arm is a large heavy industrial equipment, so need special equipment toensure product performance and quality, to the common equipment, CNC flame cuttingmachine. The device as follows: CNC flame cutting machine, large groove milling machine, bending machine, large welding positioner, automatic welding, welding, large-scale ambush boring machine etc..