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Excavator arm background and modified performance

(1) the application of the long arm of excavator arm in water conservancy and hydropower engineering more and more widely, in slope trimming, underwater excavation, concrete pouring has more and more application. But the long arm of excavator arm power common low, bucket capacity is small, the production efficiency is low. High power, long arm long arm of excavator bucket capacity and cost much too high. The overall long arm excavator arm use cost is relatively high.

(2) according to the construction features, application scope of excavator arm long arm wide, in order to solve the power, plus the long arm long arm of excavator bucket capacity is low, and the use of high cost problem. In the construction process, with theexcavator arm manufacturers, the excavator arm is modified, equipped with a specialarm for engineering construction.

Excavator arm with the manufacturers, the manufacturers according to the specialmining parameters, the long arm of excavator production arm, and modified in the construction site guide. One common VOLOL460 excavator arm into the long arm ofexcavator arm, the bucket capacity is 1.2m3 (Yuan Dou volume was 2.2m3), the scope of work to 11m. Another common CAT330 excavator arm into the long arm ofexcavator arm, the bucket capacity is 1.0m3 (Yuan Dourong is 1.8m3), the scope of work to 11m. Two modified excavator arm can quickly common arm and armconversion, generally only one working day.

The excavator arm of the concrete pouring, in recent years, water conservancy and hydropower engineering is widely used, it has the following advantages:

(1) low requirements of construction site conditions on their work, to the work of filling and finishing work, can quickly enter the scene, and put into the construction, in theconditional when can reduce positions inside the working strength. Has the advantages of simple process, little difference with traditional vertical placing technique, without much special preparations.

(2) in the scope of work, the lower or higher than the working platform deckconstruction, the adaptability is strong; the operation is flexible, rotary speed, in-situoperation covering ability.

(3) can solve the collection hopper transport problems by themselves, other hoistingdevice dependent not special.

The modified excavator arm of the concrete pouring construction, the bucket capacitythan ordinary excavator arm of bucket capacity is much larger, the 25T dump truck a transport of 9 m3 concrete, and efficiency is equipped with 9 m3 concrete hoppercorresponding, can improve the strength of concrete pouring. The feed situation,ordinary excavator arm warehousing strength can reach 80m3/h, and the short arm ofexcavator arm placing strength up to 170m3/h, the strength more than doubled.

Conversion of excavator arm can quickly were long and ordinary arm, generally onlyone working day. According to the characteristics of the use of cleaning engineering quantity in the foundation of dam is relatively large, especially the slope, slope trimming, cleaning and cofferdam construction in the heart wall filling engineering, can improve production efficiency. Engineering with large earthwork excavation stage, can be converted into common excavators of earthwork excavation, excavation began inlate, foundation concrete construction, and can be converted into the long arm ofexcavator for concrete construction.