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Teach you how to understand excavator arm?

Development of China's Excavator started in the 2000 year the 70 period, the domestic production of excavator arm company from scratch, has the rise of more than 100 large and small size excavator arm production, annual output more than 100 sets of speed to market. Although the market prospect is satisfactory, but because the government of excavator arm pieces of non-standard production monitoring and management system is not perfect, some manufacturers imitation assembly, Jerry, so the formation of the excavator arm Market ichthyosaurs mixture situation. Based on our years of experience in the industry on how to distinguishing the pros and cons ofexcavator arm, from which some aspects ability to choose the high quality and low price, service excellent excavator arm, put forward some proposals, for everyone todiscuss.

1, dig unique local machine plus the long arm of:

The long arm of excavator, which is between the body bracket and office arm, withone arm, plus the long arm of the original cylinder support petition, and in the arm on the installation of a working arm cylinder and digging bucket cylinder, in the control room inside and outside, the installation of the driving system of a cylinder, a suitabledriving office arm cylinder and digging bucket cylinder telescopic operation, can make the digging bucket range expansion more than doubled, reach higher, deeper,farther, especially suitable for mines, docks, inventory, flood rescue rapidly andspecial occasions, is sinking machinery a big leap in the transformation, have greatpractical value.

Composition of 2, plus the long arm of excavator:

The long arm of excavator arm, arm, by the office, the original cylinder, office arm cylinder, digging bucket cylinder etc, its characteristic is: in the body at the upper end of the bracket, the appropriate cosign a arm, plus the long arm of the lower side of thecylinder and cohesive, plus the long arm of the front end and the office after arm pinthe proper petition, an office arm cylinder is arranged between the arm and the arm of office. In the front office arm has a digging bucket, digging bucket side through the connecting rod and the opening of one end of a bucket cylinder, the other end of thedigging bucket cylinder through a pin shaft and a moving right arm.