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Application of excavator arm.

Excavator arm has a unique place in the start of the following:

(1) mechanical deep, needs less productive work group, simple construction process;high speed, fast;

(2) the lengthened arm of excavator is strict quality requirements, also it may be saidarm is a physical check excavator quality, less segregation in the moving process,because it is easy to guarantee engineering quality;

(3) operation safety, risk can detract from the start process;

(4) the application of office the adaptability is strong, the operation range is wide, the excavator arm can shop repair to other difficult to place, satisfying variousconstruction requirements;

(5) in normal working conditions, excavator arm in the background will not pollution,environmentally friendly.

The classification and application conditions of excavator arm:

(1) plus the long arm is divided into two sections: the arms and three sectionextension arm

(2) two section extension arm is mainly suitable for use in sand, cement and otherconstruction transportation, highway slope trimming and river to flow patency etc.;

(3) syllogism arm mainly suitable for use in high-rise building collapse.