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Excavator arm, a powerful assistant after the market era

In the modern construction in the country, domestic not section to Strengthenmunicipal construction, subway passenger traffic, the opening of the general level ofperfect reconstruction, the river clean sewer construction needs a lot of engineering machinery and equipment, and machinery and equipment that the standard type andcan't complete specialized engineering work, so the non - standard products are herethe special function of high power, non standard plus the long arm of excavator usingsuper long boom and long type bucket rod, can play a great power in dredging, bank protection, slope and subway construction by the ground environment conditions. At present all over the country have started metro construction, for Protect environmentdredging of the river pollution control project is blossom everywhere, and thereforeincrease the long arm of excavator market in great demand. This excavator arm, will be full of vigour in the subdivision market occupy a space for one person own unique;

Special steel profession to make excavator arm, arm, create fine casting professionalexcavator arm structure manufacturers; excavator arm is mainly applicable to sand,concrete and other building transportation, highway slope trimming and river dredgingengineering and building foundation, river, ditch, earth excavation work, through the installation of excavator arm on the basis of the original excavator, to complete thestandard arm can not reach the distance, the excavator to maximize its use, widely used in all kinds of special construction operation, so that the higher efficiency and safety.

Arm configuration: extended arm, bucket size of 1 sets of 1, bucket cylinder 1, pin 6, a connecting hose 1 sets, 1 sets of connecting rod assembly;

Application of excavator arm length reference:

Komatsu excavator: PC200 plus the long arm of standard 15.4 meters, with 0.4square bucket, bucket cylinder (12 tonnage machine without counterweight)

Komatsu excavator: PC220 plus the long arm of standard 18 meters, with 0.4 squarebucket, 12 tonnage machine bucket cylinder (plus 1.5 tons weight)

Komatsu excavator: PC300 plus the long arm of standard 18 meters, with 0.6 squarebucket, bucket cylinder (20 tonnage machine without counterweight)

Komatsu excavator: PC300 plus the long arm of standard 20 meters, with 0.5 squarebucket, 20 tonnage machine bucket cylinder (2 tons of weight)

Komatsu excavator: PC360 plus the long arm of standard 20 meters, with 0.6 squarebucket, bucket cylinder (20 tonnage machine without counterweight)

Komatsu excavator: PC400 plus the long arm of standard 22 meters, with 0.6 squarebucket, bucket cylinder (22 tonnage machine without counterweight)

Komatsu excavator: PC400 plus the long arm of standard 24 meters, with 0.6 squarebucket, 22 tonnage machine bucket cylinder (2 tons of weight)

Komatsu excavator: PC450 plus the long arm of standard 24 meters, with 0.6 squarebucket, bucket cylinder (22 tonnage machine without counterweight)

Komatsu excavator: PC450 plus the long arm of standard 26 meters, with 0.6 squarebucket, 22 tonnage machine bucket cylinder (2 tons of weight)