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China Construction machinery parts industry development shou

As everyone knows in the industry of machinery of our country project, its spare partsalways restrict the development of the industry. Now, Chinese gradually become the global engineering machinery production and sales volume of the largest, most intense market competition state, it is the gold period Chinese engineering machinecore parts industry development, in this period, construction machinery parts industrywill undoubtedly have Chinese engineering machinery manufacturing power to theimportant mission of the transformation from a manufacturing power. However, in engineering machinery spare parts on the market flooded with fake and shoddy products, all kinds of machinery industry.

These fake and shoddy products, the appearance with the authentic no two, but theinternal structure and the quality is very different, the use of these fake products, can cause serious harm to equipment, but also the development of the whole industry is very bad. With the continuous increase of China's overall holdings, fittings market will be more and more popular, driven by interests, fake and shoddy products alsoushered in the golden period of development.

Engineering machinery accessories shop doorway

Fittings is a powerful industry chain construction machinery derived from, as long as the user must contact the engineering machinery spare parts purchasing and using.But now spare parts quality on the market can be said to be uneven, how to buy, how to identify the authenticity of imported spare parts and accessories, online shopping is reliable as many users have encountered, today Xiaobian to introduce you often meetto buy parts of the problem.

Optional accessories is a headache for the user, the accessories market can be said to dragons and fishes jumbled together, one not careful will buy the fake and shoddy products. Especially many users spent big price to buy the original import called foundon. How to identify the authenticity of the original imported into a knowledge. Xiaobiancollected some identify imported parts information, may provide users in the purchase of spare parts and provide some reference.

Judging from the price, usually for only a fraction of the price of the fake goods. If buyaccessories that the price of the product and the normal price is the difference between the words, we must be vigilant. In addition, if the businessman says what not including tax and smuggled goods and so on, are often covered in fake and shoddy products, low price attractive bait excuse.

According to the packaging of recognition, is an important procedure to test the authenticity of the import parts. Packaging production of pure components and foreign professional matching accessories exquisite, color, pattern, style have certain rules, in general it is difficult to imitate. Imitation packaging rough, more easily distinguished.But some imitation rely on modern advanced printing technology, will be part ofpackaging production is very realistic, if not carefully identify, is also very difficult to distinguish. Imports of machinery parts have inner and outer packing, packing box,packaging box; packaging is usually labeled packaging paper and plastic bags or paper bags. Pure imported parts outside the box (box), are stuck on themanufacturers printed clearly, raw material, and printed GENUINEPARTS9 (pureBupin) marker, and marked with the part number, name, quantity and production plants and national. The imitation of the label printing is not fine, color is not light isheavy, difficult and pure package, part number using the computer print and manufacturers labeled color not light is heavy, the careful identification, candistinguish authenticity. From the packaging box (box), packaging box imports (box) istight, a clear pattern.

The packing box has production plants and pure product marking, such as Komatsucompany in the entire packaging are printed on the box Komatsu (KOMATSU) and pure product (GENUINEPARTS), Mitsubishi Co in the packaging are printed on the box (MITSUBISHI) and pure product (GENUINEPARTS), and the imitation of thepackaging is printed on the label, but the color is not correct, the pattern is not clear.Some foreign companies to prevent imitation, with anti fake mark them on package labels, can be paid attention to in the identification. The inner packing is generally used as wrapping paper, paper bags or plastic bags, printed packaging of pureproduct and company logo. Wrapping paper patterns, colors and patterns, it is difficult with the same imitation.

Should also pay attention to identify imported accessories packaging, engineeringmachinery and automobile manufacturing plant has its own specialized accessoryfactory parts suppliers. In the import manufacturers accessories, packaging box hasthe factory mark, mark also have matching factory. As Mitsubishi heavy industries, the piston ring from RIKEN Corporation (RIKENCORPORATION) supporting, printed outside the box is the RIK markers. But the pistons inside a single ring box isMitsubishi labeled box packaging, labeling for MITSUBISHI. piston ring specification ismarked with Mitsubishi Vehicle Industry Co. Ltd., also note the rational researchcompany, so don't think outside the inconsistency is not a pure product.

At present, in the construction machinery spare parts on the market very easy to buygenuine cleaner alternatives, but there are many pure counterfeit products were removed from them, these fake products in appearance and genuine is very similar, it is difficult to distinguish, but the internal structure and the quality is very different, the use of these fake products, the device will cause serious harm.

Imported high-end accessories Monopoly Market

As everyone knows, Chinese engineering machinery parts and components technical content is low, unable to enter the key parts of the mainstream market. Compared with the international advanced products, China's construction machinery basic parts manufacturing technology lags behind at least 15 years probably. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, key Chinese engineering machinery industry is the key to solve the problem of zero